In-App Preferences

With Ambifi, you can customize the app experience itself in addition to your own Activities. Below is a list of the different elements of the app that are customizable and some information about each option.

Main Homepage

The bottom toolbar on the main homepage lets you change options quickly and easily

- This icon represents the connectivity monitor, tapping it will show the user if they are connected and logged in.
- Brings up a popup allowing the user to toggle location services within the app
- Shows the current time and date and any timers set using the app
- Toggles whether or not Mira is listening to voice commands
- Toggles sound on and off (enable or disable Mira reading checklists)

- This button opens up the Ambifi cloud, giving users the option to log out or log in, author activities, or view activities.
- Important! This button refreshes the Activites, applying any updates that have been saved in the editor.

Sidebar Main Options

The sidebar contains more options related to the Activites themselves.

Login Status

The login status is displayed at the top, with buttons beneath to login if no user is currently enabled. Opening the Ambifi cloud allows the user to Logout if a user is currently in the system.

Home- Returns user to the main menu
Toggle Sections Menu- Toggles the sections or something idk
Audio - Another way to turn the audio output on or off
Tracking - Another way to turn location tracking on or off
Reset Buttons - Reset their respective types of content
Check Overlay- Toggles the big check overlay. The big check overlay is shown and explained below.

Big Check Overlay

The Big Check Overlay creates a semi-transparent check image over the current activity, allowing the user to tap anywhere on the screen to advance to the next item. This can be useful for a variety of situations, namely ease of use. To enable, simply toggle the switch titled Big Check Overlay as shown above.

Activities Dropdown

The Activities dropdown is another way to access all activities without having to navigate to the home menu. By clicking the link to an activity, you can start it.

Preferences Dropdown

The Preferences dropdown features a few important options that affect the functioning of the player.
Store Cloud History - With this option turned on, any activities and data inputted will be uploaded to the cloud and stored. If this option is turned off NO data will be tracked
Focused Mode- Focused mode makes the current item the most visible point of the screen, the differences between focused mode and not are shown directly below wtih contrasting images.
Always Move Forward- If a user skips items during an Activity, upon completion of each section they will be prompted to see if they want to return to skipped items. If this option is selected, this prompt will not appear and skipped items will not affect the flow of the Activity.
Animated Scrolling- Turning off animated scrolling gives the appearance of the app "jumping" to the next item rather than smoothly scrolling to it

Appearance of Activity with Focused Mode

This option creates a transparent overlay to bring the focus to the current item only.

Focused Mode On

focused on

Focused Mode Off

focused off

Appearance Dropdown

The Appearances dropdown allows the user to customize the visual attributes of Activities
Checkbar - The checkbar provides options while using the Activity such as checking an item, turning on the microphone, and a few others. See below to see how the checkbar looks on screen.
Checkbar Size - Allows for the resizing of the checkbar to take up less or more space on the screen.
Horizontal- This option is the default layout for Activities, where sections are organized horizontally and move the right as the activity progresses.
Vertical- This option stacks sections on top of each other vertically, progressing down as you move through an Activity.
Simple- This layout shows only the content as a list and does not show the focused mode over items. This layout is useful for just seeing what is in a checklist rather than using it.
Item Alignment- Items can be aligned on the screen left or center
Column Width- The width of items on the screen can be customized using this option
Items Font Size- Font size can be changed here
Checked Color- The color of the check itself when you check off an item can be customized here as black, green , or blue.

Checkbar Orientation

No checkbar

check none

Checkbar Bottom

check bottom

Checkbar Left

check left

Checkbar Right

check right

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