Universal Item Attributes

This page will document common attributes that are shared by all item types.


There are 17 different Item types that can be utilized in the Activities that you create with the AmbiFi platform. All the items share a consistent set of attributes that are the same for each item. Specific item types may have additional attributes that can be set, but the following attributes are common to all items.

Label 1

This label appears first on the item. Markdown can be used to create things such as bold text and headers within a label. Click here for a quick markdown reference to help you build quickly. Label 1 is best for displaying a small bit of information such as a title.

Label example

Label 2

This label appears second on the item, beneath label 1. This label can also accept HTML code and has the same attributes as label 1. This label is best used for longer snippets of information that will be shown beneath a title or procedure step.


Different forms of media can be added to items. Media can be added in the form of a background image, images, video, audio, or pdf.

media example


Additional information can be stored in the comments section of an item. With the rich text editor, it is possible to create very detailed content. This information will not be immediately presented to the user, however, they can access this information by clicking on the (+) icon in the top right corner of the item. A pop up will cover the screen and display information stored in the comments. This can be usesful for specific information that might not be needed by every user, but can be accessed by advanced users.

comment example

Basic Options


- Determines visibility of an item. If unchecked, the item will not appear.

Conditionally Visible

- Using conditionals based on values found in the current Activity, these items can be made visible.


- Requires completion of this specific Item to move forward in the Activity.

Ignore Completion

- If checked, the Activity will be allowed to finish without the completion of this specific item.

Visibility example

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