Voice Control within the App

The Ambifi platform is capable of using voice input as a way to check off items during a procedure. This capability allows for a handsfree experience that provides versatility in terms of use cases.
Below is the list of keywords understood by Mira when completing an Activity:

Completing an Item

  • Check
  • Check item
  • Check it
  • Next
  • Next item
  • Check section
  • Check current section

Skipping Items

  • Skip
  • Skip item
  • Skip it

Activity Information

  • Read item
  • Read current item
  • Read section
  • Read current section

Using Comments

  • Open comments
  • Close comments
  • Show comments
  • Hide comments


  • Reset activity
  • Reset current activity
  • Reset list
  • Reset current list
  • Reset section
  • Reset current section

Mira Commands

  • Mira {list name}
  • Mira {section name}
  • Mira goto skipped items
  • Mira goto unchecked items
  • Mira pause
  • Mira play
  • Mira resume
  • Mira stop
  • Mira silence
  • Mira be quiet
  • Affirmative
  • Negative
  • Go back

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