• Improve and document your employee safety program
  • Communicate information throughout your organization more effectively
  • Keep machinery in peak operational condition
  • Ensure that regulations are followed and that you are in compliance
  • Simplify records management and administration

In what areas can AmbiFi help?

Employee Safety

Employees working in the construction industry must deal with dangerous situations and often operate complex machinery. Make sure they have the proper procedures in place to prepare for these situations and perform their work in the safest way possible!

Power Tools Safety Example

Safety Observation Checklist

Operation and Maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance extend the useful life of equipment. They also prevent costly repairs and reduce downtime due to equipment being out of service. Ensure your employees know how to keep your equipment and business running smoothly.

Asphalt Plant Inspection Example


Employee communication has changed over the years. Things are no longer limited to immediate face to face discussions, or to correspondences that take days to receive and respond to. While we now have a plethora of different channels to communicate with, delivering effective communication requires a simplified and focused approach.

Most companies underestimate the value of a communications plan and think that they are communicating “enough.” Rarely is this the case; employees want to be included in the company’s journey and being well informed is a large part of that journey.

Regulations & Compliance

Building and Construction is one of the most heavily regulated industries, and the requirements for compliance go well beyond that of other industries. From OSHA regulations to human resource compliance programs, AmbiFi will ensure your organization is covered.

AA & EEO Compliance Example

Records & Information Management

The administration and management of digital and paper records is a daunting task. However, the creation, receipt, maintenance, use of and disposal of records is mandatory for any size construction firm.

By getting rid of paper processes and moving to a AmbiFi we have saved countless hours and now have the peace of mind that all of our records can be accessed in an instant!

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